Contact the ADRC Wolf River Region
Contact the ADRC Wolf River Region


Your Free Community Connection to Essential Supports & Services

Toll-free: 1-855-492-ADRC (2372)

Serving Shawano, Oconto and Menominee Counties and the Stockbridge-Munsee Community

Coronavirus Alert:

Our office locations have re-opened — BUT WE ARE ENCOURAGING, as much as possible, that ALL APPOINTMENTS AND CONTACTS BE VIA TELEPHONE vs. in person. If at all possible, please CALL vs. coming directly to our offices. The health of our customers and staff are very important to us. It is now more important than ever to STAY HOME as much as possible. Please do your part to support the community and the health care system by following recommendations and guidelines, including minimizing time away from home. Thank you to all those who are doing your part!

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Welcome to the ADRC!


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  • Please fill out your 2020 Census. Click here to see the different ways you can fill out your Census. Every person counts!

**Caregiving During the Coronavirus**

The Alzheimer’s Association has also developed tips for dementia caregivers at home and for families with individuals in assisted living. Click below to view a document created by the Alzheimer’s Association regarding caregiving in a time of the Coronavirus.


The ADRC offers free memory screens; which are a brief test used to evaluate memory, judgment and the ability to understand visual information; for individuals who are concerned about their memory or for those who are 65 years of age or older and want to track their cognitive ability over time. **These are still able to be conducted via telephone.**


Your Connection to Disability and Senior Services

The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Wolf River Region provides no-cost information and assistance about services that help the elderly and people with disabilities. Our professional staff will help connect you and your family with the services that can help you. We can provide consultation at one of our offices, over the phone, in your own home or at another community location.


Some of the free disability and senior services the ADRC offers include:

  • Information and assistance to help maintain independent living through supportive services
  • Access to private-pay or publicly funded long-term care options
  • Details on prevention and early intervention programs
  • Connection to services you can apply for such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Foodshare and Medicaid

A Comprehensive Resource Center

Information and Assistance Specialists can talk to you about various resources, including health and wellness, nutrition and publicly funded long-term care services. Our knowledgeable staff can also assist in helping you explore and evaluate all of the options that are available for care.


Find local resource center offices available in your area or click here to view a video in sign language on what the ADRC all has to offer.


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